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As a mother, what is the worst emergency room care you have?

I cant answer as a mother, but as the child who experienced it. It was just a few days before my 6th birthday, I was playing with a friend when mom called and said it was time for dinner. Her and I both race out to the living room and I manage to step on a toothpick. (No clue how it managed to be on the floor). My foot immediately began bleeding, and I had a hole in the bottom of my foot. We found half of a toothpick on the ground. We went to the local childrens ER and told them what had happened. They took and X-ray of my foot, though looking back the chances that it would actually show up are very slim. They told us there was nothing there, but agreed to cut my foot open and look just in case. I remember not wanting to get it done, but would rather have that than live with a toothpick in my foot. They cleaned my foot, numbed it, and began to look. I dont remember much of this part, I only remember I was laying on my stomach watching Scooby-Doo. Haha. The staff then proceeded to argue with my mom that there was nothing in my foot, that it must have fallen out, or never actually stayed in my foot and only cut it, etc. She argued with them, but in the end they just stitched my foot up and sent us home. It hurt, but was fine for a little while as long as I only walked on the ball of my foot. My parents took me to the doctor but they said there was nothing else they could do since the doctors already looked at it. I proceed to spend over two weeks in Alaska with my family visiting my grandparents, still only able to walk on the ball of my foot for the majority of the time. Eventually it started to fester, causing my foot to be more painful and they suggested just soaking it in warm salt water. Just about a month later, my mom was soaking my foot like we had done nearly every day. She felt something hard where the incision had been, and knew exactly what it was. Her friend was over and helped to calm me down, while my mom removed it with tweezers. Out came over an inch long piece of toothpick!! That ER got an earful, to this day we have never went back again (Im 23 and have 2 younger sisters) and any time they hospital tried to call to collect on the bill my mom would argue and show them the toothpick she had taped to the bill and they forgave the debt.

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